Trends is a for-profit SFW/NSFW fashion zine centered around trendy themes in an alternate universe setting with the pairing SasuSaku from Naruto! This project will feature a variety of artists and writers who are all equally as passionate about SasuSaku and the Trends theme as the mods are. Our team will be compiled of sheer SasuSaku Trendy excellence in order to bring forth quality content.

How to Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us in which ever way you are most comfortable, all links can be found below.

Additionally make sure to look through our FAQ, Schedule and Guidelines before reaching out.


Thank you so much for being interested in Trends: A SasuSaku Fashion Zine.

All contributors will receive a free pdf version of both the SFW and NSFW portions of the zine. If sales permit, the contributors may also receive physical copies as well. Contributors! Below you will find all the guidelines for your creations. We have happily accepted 25 Artists and 10 Writers

This zine is based on alternate universes so long as the fashion theme is incorporated. This includes but is not limited to SasuSaku being involved in anything from modeling to designing, or some alternative form of artistry.

Note: We will be keeping Sasuke and Sakura 18+ for both the SFW & NSFW portions of this zine!

Types of fashion trends that we'll be featuring include: Sporty | Preppy | Punk | Streetwear | Vintage | Traditional | Formal

Some examples of what these trends could include...
Sporty - A athletic themed photoshoot, perhaps one of them plays sports
Punk - Tattoo artist Sasuke/Sakura
Vintage - Sasuke/Sakura owning or shopping in a thrift store.

Each SFW trend has one writer and two/three artists. We also have one comic artist and our cover artist!


Trends featured in the NSFW digital-only zine will include fashion themes such as:

Swimwear | Lingerie | Bodypaint | Nude

Each NSFW has two writers and two artists per trend. We also have two comic artists and our cover artist!

Reminder: this zine is centered around the relationship between Sasuke and Sakura with the theme being fashion-related. Mentions of other characters are allowed but Sasuke and Sakura must be the main focus.

All contributors will also be required to join our Discord server. No exceptions! This is our primary means of communication.



Head Mod / Organizer

Hi guys, I’m Tyy. I’m an avid writer who has had a passion for SasuSaku for more than 15 years! I enjoy contributing to zines but am looking forward to heading this project and working with a team who is just as passionate about this ship as I am.


Social Media Mod

Certified Multifandom Mess. Sasusaku are soulmates and I'll die by that. DNA consists of 75% caffeine. Always online so never hesitate to reach out^^ I already know this project gonna be amazing and the road to it is gonna be even better <3


Art Mod

Hey, Misery here! I'm a digital artist with 10+ years of experience, and I'm so thrilled to be a part of this wonderful project! Miss Sakura holds my heart always :cherry_blossom:


Graphics and Formatting Mod

Tropical overthinker, arepa lover and fan of a lot of series at once. I'm like Isa but written with "Y"


Finances and Production Mod

Zine mod should be on my resume at this point. I run on fandom spirit and am so excited for this project! I'm looking forward to working with all of you!


Mod Intern

Hello, everyone! Im an artist whos trying her hand at being a mod. I love spooky things and boudoir, but im here for the fashion and for the SakuSasu content! I'm very excited to be on the mod team and to learn everything I can.


Mod Intern

Hi, I'm Ana! I'm a hardcore Sakura stan & Sasusaku lover. This is my first time working on a zine but I am pleased to be able to join the team as an intern, and have a chance to gain experience! I have a variety of skills that I can bring to this team, & I am happy to help my fellow mods in any way. I'm looking forward to working with everyone!


Former Mod Intern

Due to personal reasons unrelated to the zine, Laine has stepped down from her position as intern. Trends thanks her for all her hard work up till now.


Interest Check: OCT 1 - NOV 1
Mod Applications: OCT 1 - NOV 1
Mod Acceptence Emails Sent: NOV 5
Contributor Applications: NOV 10 - DEC 10
Emails Sent: DEC 20
Pitches Due: JAN 15
1st Check-In: (Outline / ideas) FEB 10
2nd Check-In: (Soft Deadline / 1st Draft / 50%) MAR 10
3rd Check-In: (Hard Deadline / 75-100%) APR 15
Final Submissions: MAY 15
Preorders: MAY 30
Shipping: TBD

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Fanzine?
A Fanzine is a fan-book related to different fandoms/ships as a form of entertainment created by a variety of artists and writers.

What is this Fanzine about?
Trends: A SasuSaku Fashion Fanzine is an SFW and NSFW Fanzine centered around the relationship between Sasuke and Sakura in alternate universes.

What’s the theme of Trends: A SasuSaku Fanzine?
Fashion! We will be featuring different trends/fashion styles in a variety of ways!

Is this Fanzine for profit or for charity?
After the results of our Interest Check, Trends is decided to be a for-profit zine!

Will contributors be paid?
As Trends is for-profit, all contributors will receive compensation. First, we intend to provide contributors with all zine content at no cost to them, and the remainder of profits, if any, will be split evenly amongst the contributors.

How many contributors are we looking to accept?
SFW: 24-32 Artists | 6-8 Writers | 3-5 Merch Artists | 1 Comic ArtistNSFW: 4-8 Writers | 1 Comic Artist | Artists 8-16
Will contributors receive a free copy of the Fanzine?
All contributors will receive a free pdf of both the SFW and NSFW portions of the zine. We will have three goals in mind when it comes to the physical portions.
Goal 1: Physical ZineGoal 2: Full Bundle (Zine & Merch)Goal 3: Full Bundle + free shipping
Can I apply for more than one position?
Yes, but you may only be chosen for one!

Can I apply for both the SFW and NSFW portions?
Yes. You will be asked if you would like to apply to only one or both. If you apply for both and are willing to create for both, you may be assigned to both, so answer wisely.

What if I need an extension?
At request, extensions may be permitted for the first couple check-ins. The third check-in and the final check-in are HARD check-ins, meaning extensions will be limited due to pinch hitters needing time to step in should they be requested. If you have to drop out for whatever reason, we ask that you notify the mods in a timely manner, though we understand that life happens.

Is there an age restriction?
Yes. As this is an SFW/NSFW zine, all applicants must be 18 and older.

Can I post my work outside of the Fanzine?
We will set a timeline for after shipping where-in contributors may post their work to the public if they wish to do so.

When will pre-orders open?
Pre-orders will open on MAY 30th and remain open until JUNE 30th

Guest Contributors